Simply put, Xcellerator is the apex when it comes to Whitetail Minerals. Providing your deer multiple mineral sites promotes herd health and maximizes antler growth. X marks the Spot: Here's how to do it. Deer like feeling safe when feeding so find a concealed area with a fresh water source nearby. Zero in on a spot that sits 10-15' feet off of an active trail. Once you've honed in on your honey hole use a rake to clear the foliage and then loosen the soil. Pour the entire bag of Xcellerator directly on the loosened soil. Refresh each mineral site at least once a month and hang on tight…it's gonna be a wild ride!
"XCellerator" -Guaranteed Analysis:
Calcium 10%min,12%max - Phosphorus 5% min - Salt 48%min 52% max - Magnesium 1.25% min - Potassium 2.5% min
Sulfur .5% min - Copper 375 ppm - Selenium 8 ppm - Zinc 1500 ppm - Manganese 800 ppm - Iodine 12 ppm-Cobalt 3.5 ppm
Vit. A 12,500 IU/LB min-Vit. D3 3,125 IU/LB min-Vit. E 25 IU/LB min
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