System Complete!
November 24th, 2010      by Rack1

Below is a letter we received from a First time user in Texas..Check it out and Congrats Jake on a great buck!! Make sure you send us your hero shots and success stories!

Dear Rack1,

The morning of October 31, 2010, I woke up at 5:00 am; nagging my dad that it was time to go hunt.  The night before, we spread a bag of Rut Fuel and Chaos in the pasture I was going to hunt. We headed for the tripod at 5:30 a.m. and began to wait.  About ten minutes after I was sitting in the stand I looked in front of me and saw two doe eating the Chaos.  I decided to take the larger doe, and with one shot she was ready for the cooler.  That afternoon was the first time for me to hunt without my dad in the blind with me.  Earlier that morning, we spread a bag of Acorn Crush on the opposite side of the pasture, to see if the deer liked it as much as the other two.  After twenty minutes, to my left I saw three doe go to the Acorn Crush, but within a minute they saw me move and ran away. About twenty to thirty minutes later, two doe came to the Chaos and Rut.  After eating for a few minutes they were scared off by a bobcat. But then he came… He was the 2nd biggest buck I have seen in my life. He started to walk to the area where we spread the Rut Fuel and started to feed, but within a split second:  BAM!   A 145 pound, 11 point deer was down! And it was all because of the deer feed.  Thanks Mr. Scott for the great deer.  First time in the blind alone, and Rack 1 made it a success!


Jake Sharar

11 years old

Houston, TX

(First time in the blind alone)

Hunt Phase
October 22nd, 2010      by Rack1

Rack 1 has two Hunt Phase products that you should be using this fall, Acorn Crush and Rut Fuel. Both of these products are premium attractants and will bring deer into neighborhood quickly. Both of these attractants are packed full of nutrition and they have an aroma that those big bucks can not pass by! Remember to use ACORN CRUSH and RUT FUEL this fall if you want to be more successful in the field and give your deer the best nutrition!

New Rack1 Blog
October 22nd, 2010      by Rack1

Welcome to the new Rack1 Blog! Check back often as we post updates about Rack1 Whitetail System.