Ignite System Strikes in Kansas!
November 27th, 2010      by Rack1

Kansas is known for its HUGE whitetails and BackCountry Quest TV has been using the Ignite System on their lease properties for 2 years now. The results have been nothing short of INCREDIBLE! Working hand in hand with Locked Horn Outfitters in NE Kansas, the Keefer brothers are seeing first hand how the Ignite system can impact an entire whitetail herd. This season Casey Keefer caught a true GIANT on film for their TV show that Scored 186″! He was shot just 36 yards from an Xcellerator Mineral pit and the doe he was with couldn’t resist devouring a bit of Acorn Crush! For more information please follow the links below-

visit www.backcountryquest.com for more on the big buck!

visit www.lockedhorn.com for more on the Kansas hunt of a lifetime!